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Seattle Wedding Limo

Goin’ to the chapel and gonna get married soon? If so, congratulations on your approaching wedding date! Marrying your soulmate is such an incredible feeling! With that said, it takes a while to get to the wedding with all the planning and decision making you have to do before the big day approaches.
At Seattle Top Class Limo Chauffeured Services, we understand a thing or two about how stressful wedding planning can be and how many decisions you have to make: there’s the cake, bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts, ordering invitations, transportation arrangements, etc.
If you have arranged transportation for your wedding day, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need stashed away in your wedding limo, especially since you’ll be running around all day from hair and makeup appointments to getting ready with your bridesmaids and traveling to your wedding venue and reception. What items should you keep with you at all times? We’re here to break down the must-have items to keep in your wedding limo so you can be fully prepared!

Emergency Kit for Brides/Bridesmaids
As most brides know, it’s paramount that both you and your bridesmaids carry around an emergency kit the day of the wedding, stocked full of items you may need in a pinch and would hate to be without if problems should arise. Sure, you can purchase wedding day emergency kits, but you can also make them yourself for much cheaper. Create your own emergency kits for your wedding day by putting the following items in individual baggies for you and your bridesmaids:
    • Small scissors – you never know if there will be a loose string on a wedding or bridesmaid dress
    • Band-aids – just in case you get a paper cut or scrape, or get blisters from your heels
    • Antacids – nerves can cause indigestion and an upset stomach, so make sure you have some antacids on hand to relieve symptoms and ease a sour stomach
    • Breath mints – you’ve got to stay fresh for your first kiss as a married couple!
    • Tylenol or Advil – if you’re prone to migraines or if a headache comes on due to stress, you’ll be happy you have some medicine just in case
    • Nail polish, remover, clippers – just in case a nail breaks or nail polish chips
By stashing all of these essentials in your wedding day limo you’ll be prepared for any mishaps when they happen.
You’ll be thirsty considering you’ll be running around most of the day. Most brides don’t get a great night’s sleep the night before because of nerves and excitement and most fuel up on coffee to help boost energy levels, but copious amounts of coffee can actually dehydrate you. Try swapping a cup of coffee for a refreshing cup of water – you’ll stay hydrated and in return will feel more awake and refreshed. There’s nothing like an ice cold water to quench your thirst!
Yes, you have a delicious meal waiting for you at your reception, but just a heads up – you probably won’t get a minute to eat. From taking photos to your first dance and tearing up the dance floor with your friends and family, you won’t have much time to sit down and eat on your wedding day, especially dinner at your reception. By keeping snacks like pretzels, protein bars and fruit inside your wedding limo, you’ll keep your belly full and avoid low blood sugar and a sour stomach from not eating much throughout the day.
You started planning your wedding months ago, and there’s no way to determine if there will be rain or shine on your big day. By carrying umbrellas in your wedding limo, you and your bridal party will be safe just in case bad weather hits (you know how unpredictable our weather in Missouri can be). Keeping umbrellas on hand will help prevent your dress from getting wet and your hair from getting ruined – you paid a lot of money for both, so protect them from bad weather!
Flat Shoes or Sandals
Heels are sometimes unbearable and the last thing you want on your wedding day is to have sore feet all night. Stash some flats or sandals in your wedding limo to change into after your ceremony before your reception. Your feet will thank you later and you can tear up the dance floor all night long!
Finally, make sure you stock your wedding limo with champagne to toast your new husband or wife. You both pulled off an incredibly beautiful wedding day and that calls for celebration! On your ride to your reception and to your hotel or home at the end of the night, have a celebratory glass of champagne to ring in your marriage.

By keeping the essentials above in your wedding limo, you’ll be prepared for whatever the day throws at you. Regardless of any mishaps or bad weather, your wedding day will be the best day of your life – remember to enjoy every single second because it goes by so fast!
Need to book a wedding limousine service? Seattle Top Class Limo has been in the chauffeured limo service business since 2005 and is one of the largest limousine services in the Greater Seattle area. We’ve served thousands of couples on their wedding day and would love to be your ride for your big day. In addition to wedding day transportation services, we can help with guest or wedding party shuttles and airport service.
We truly want you to enjoy your special day and be worry-free knowing our chauffeurs will provide excellent service to you and your guests. And don’t worry about some of the items above, because we have you covered.  We’ll make sure your limo is stocked with bottled water, mints and champagne! We also offer a red carpet service available upon request so your wedding exit is just like a movie! Book online or call (855)620-7700to reserve your wedding limo today.
Happy wedding planning from your friends at Seattle Top Class Limo Chauffeured Services!