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5 Steps to Plan Your Birthday Limo Ride In Seattle

Whether it's your sweet 16 or your big 30th, an eventful birthday deserves an eventful celebration. Sharing a limo ride with your best friends can be a great way to celebrate your birthday and ring in the many happy years to come.
Planning a birthday limo ride isn't complicated—it just takes a little preparation.

1. Pick a Date and Time
You probably prefer booking your limo ride for your birthday itself. But don't rule other days out. When choosing a date and time, keep in mind that evenings and weekends are usually busier for limo companies. Choose a backup date just in case.
When it comes to the time of your party, consider what kind of view you want from your limo. You may want a night ride with city lights, or you may prefer a daytime view of trees and sky. Choose the time of your limo ride accordingly.

2. Book in Advance
It's a good idea to book your limo a few weeks or even a few months before your birthday. Limo companies often have their limos booked far in advance. It is especially true during the spring when many people book limos for prom. It's also true during the summer when many people book limos for weddings.
There are different sizes of limos for different groups. The largest limos can hold about 22 people. You'll want to get an approximate count of how many guests you'll have so you can determine which size limo you’ll need.
If cost is an issue, get an estimate from several limo companies before you make your choice. Just make sure to do this well in advance so you can book the date and time you prefer.

3. Invite Guests
Once you've booked your ride, it's time to invite guests. Many people invite their guests to birthday parties through social media or emailed invitations. However, people don't always respond to these invitations, so it's hard to get an exact count. An exact count of guests is crucial for a limo ride since there are a limited number of seats.
It’s a good idea to call your potential guests or talk to them in person. That way, you'll know for sure whether or not they're coming and whether all the limo seats will be filled.

4. Arrange for Food and Drink
A party isn't a party without a little refreshment. Ask the limo company if it's okay to bring your food and drinks.
When it comes to snacks, you'll want options that are easy to hold and hard to spill. Ideas include:
 Crackers and cheese
 Egg rolls
Although there are laws against drinking alcohol in vehicles, you're typically allowed to drink alcohol in a limo if you're over 21. It is because there's a barrier separating you from the driver. But not all limo companies allow alcohol. Make sure to check with the limo company about their alcohol policy.
If you plan to drink alcohol during the limo ride, make sure there's a designated driver who can take everyone home after the party. Alternatively, you could bring a cooler with soda or virgin margaritas.
What about cake and ice cream? Those foods are messy and likely to melt, so it's best to eat them after you get back from your limo ride.

5. Make Sure Your Guests Know Where and When to Meet
Your final step is to make sure your guests know where to meet the limo and that they know to be on time. You don't want a late-coming guest to get left behind.
Confirm with the limo company a few days before your birthday party to make sure everything is good to go.
Use these tips, and you can plan a limo birthday party that you'll never forget.
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