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Seattle Top Class Limo, Party Bus For Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties have been around for years and years, originally starting off as a sedate gathering of the groom’s best friend for smokes and drinks. In some ways the tradition remains the same; the groom and his closest friends will get together to celebrate his wedding with a last night of all-male togetherness.
There are several things to consider when planning a bachelor party in Seattle, and the best way to ensure a fun, safe evening for everyone is to rent a party bus or party limo for your outing.

A Variety of Bachelor Party Buses

A party bus rental in Seattle  is the ideal way to have fun and enjoy all the treats Seattle has to offer. We have Bus Rentals to accommodate groups of up to 30 people. For smaller groups of 10-24  you might want our bachelor party limos and groups of up to 45-50 will have a great evening in our Party Bus.
At Seattle Top Class Limo, our party buses are ideally suited for bachelor parties. Equipped with full light effects, surround sound and a great music system you can party in style. Many of our buses have stripper poles, fog machines and strobe lighting for a club like experience.
Renting a bachelor party bus means you eliminate worries about drinking and driving, parking and the need to think about traffic, directions, and other logistics. When you walk through the doors you’ll be met with plush leather seating, a bar and all the comfort you could want. Bring your own music or videos to provide the right atmosphere. You can even bring the girls, we've already got the pole and all the extras you’ll need.

Bachelor Party Ideas

Traditionally the Best Man is in charge of planning the bachelor party. But this may be his first Bachelor Party on a bus so we’re happy to help provide some ideas for the big night.
Here are a few suggestions we've come up with based on our experience:
  • Talk to the groom to see what kind of party he wants and what might make him uncomfortable. It is his party, after all.

  • Plan far enough in advance to send invitations to the selected group. Traditionally the party is all male and includes a night out on the town. The groom will want to invite guys he’s close to. This isn't the time for casual acquaintances or tense relationships.

  • If you’re going to do the traditional stripper night out on town you've got options-bringing in your own strippers or go to a local strip club. Some night clubs will let you bring your own stripper; just be sure to check their rules and reserve a private room. We’re happy for you to bring strippers on the party bus, we just ask that the high heels come off before she gets on our plush leather seating! Make sure the groom is comfortable with having strippers and that the bride won’t be too upset.

  • Plan the party at least a week before the wedding. The night before party is a bad idea, for many reasons. Give everyone time to RSVP and get into town.

  • You can work with our office to set the agenda and tell us where you want to go in the course of an evening.

  • Plan accordingly for drinks and snacks. We provide a limited selection of complimentary alcohol and some basic snacks, but some messy foods aren't allowed on the party bus.
Our next post is going to give suggestions on where to take a Party Bus for a Bachelor Party. If you have suggestions for us to write about, don’t hesitate to let us know. We sincerely hope you've found some useful tips and come back soon!